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1 Floom Magazine Flora Of Nepal Hero 1
We take a look at the exquisite flora of Nepal from the well loved Rhododendron to the amazing everlasting blooms of the Anaphalis triplinervis.
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1 Floom Magazine Nutritionist Settling Tea Fennel Seeds 1
Explosions, oceanic journeys and insect horror stories: our favourite examples of seed dispersal
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1 Floom Magazine British Flowers Week Jane British Flower Grower 1
Meet Jane MacFarlane Duckworth, the champion of locally grown British Flowers that hold the key to a historic industry and endless skill.
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1 Floom Magazine Man Who Grew A Forest With Bare Hands India 1
It’s World Environment Day on June 5th and we couldn’t help but draw attention to the man who grew a forest with his bare hands...
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1 Floom Magazine Five Easy To Care For Plants Hero 1
We thought we’d help you out with one aspect of your Perfect London Life that can bring real joy to your home environment without needless exertion.
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1 Floom Magazine Underwater Plants Hero 1
You can find a whole host of weird and wonderful aquatic plants in freshwater habitats around the world...
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1 Floom Magazine Big Is Beautiful Hero 1
Floom explores five massive faves from the plant world... Yes, these are enormous...
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1 Floom Magazine The Secret Life Of Plants David Attenborough Tribute Pink Background Green Leaves 1
What a (weird and) wonderful world… A celebration of David Attenborough’s The Private Life Of Plants.
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1 Floom Magazine Desert Blooms Flower Sand 1
A love letter to the flowers that thrive in some of the most difficult terrains out there, as we look to the deserts of the world.
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