Monstera plant delivery

The Monstera is a household favourite, depending on the season and maturity of the plant, your Monstera could arrive with no holes just yet, and be sized to grow alongside you. Keeping this plant in brighter areas is best, as it prefers brighter sunlight.

The Monstera, also known as the Swiss cheese plant, earns its cheesy nickname by sprouting leafy holes that look like a slice of holey Swiss cheese.

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Monstera plant facts


Best place to home

Dry spaces.


Minimal watering required. Plant feed appreciated once a month.

Lighting conditions

Lots of indirect light.

Pet/child friendly

Toxic to children and pets.
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Types of Monstera

Monstera Deliciosa

The most common version of Monsera’s, and the Instagram and Pinterest-friendly interior favourite of plant decor today.

Monstera Variegata

The Monstera Variegata is a variegated form of the Monstera plant, and when grown, it is easily to distinguish as it’s leaves are often green with large patches of white.

Monstera Adansonii

The Monstera with the largest holes! This variety of cheese plant is smaller than other varients, but their holes account for 50% of the space of the leaves.

Popular plant questions

Do Floom offer same-day delivery?

We offer same-day delivery on selected products in most areas when you order before 1 pm and next day delivery when you order before 12 pm.

How do I make my plants last longer?

Know what is best for your plant. A cactus thrives under bright light while zamioculcas can live with low light if they have to.

How do I extend the life of my plants?

All plants benefit from some pointing-and-spraying, but indoor plants like it most, especially those that require humidity in addition to water – ferns and calatheas among them.

What time will my flowers be delivered?

Our main delivery window is 10am - 6pm Monday - Sunday. Some of our florists do deliver later into the day in which case any same day orders placed after 1pm will be delivered before 9pm that day.