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We’re ready for tulip season with our favourite tulips, from perennial parrot tulips, more for your money double tulips, to the genetically modified, elegant french tulip.

Tulips often symbolise abundance and indulgence and were popularized by the Ottoman Empire, which at its height, was referred to as the Tulip Era of the Ottoman Empire.

At Floom, you can find a variety of tulips from our independent florists from single-stem offerings to luxury bouquets with complimenting roses and anemones.

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More about tulips

Bursting with saturated colour in a way that few other European plants could match, they actually went on to inspire ‘Tulip Mania’ - a period in which the demand for bulbs reached such extraordinarily high levels that, during its peak of 1637, some tulip bulbs sold for more than ten times the annual income of a skilled craftsman. Eat your hearts out, Beatles Mania.

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Parrot Tulips

They’re actually known as ‘parrot’ tulips not simply for the vibrancy of their plumage but because of the frilly edges they possess. Those frilly waves along the fringes are what truly set them apart for the tulip connoisseur, and are said to resemble the ruffled feathers of a parrot.

Popular tulip questions

How long do tulips last?

Tulips can last anywhere between five days to two weeks with the proper flower care. Tulips like a lot of water, and require more water than other stems so make sure to top up your water every day. Make sure to trim the bottom of their stems every few days by cutting 1cm off of the tulip stems at an angle. You can tell when tulips need to be pruned from the stem when the bottom of the stem starts to have black spots.

How long can cut tulips stay out of water?

Tulips need water more than other stems, they should be placed in water as soon as you receive them to ensure longevity.

How do you keep tulips from drooping?

Making sure your tulips are properly cared for by changing their water daily, and trimming the bottoms of the tulip stems help stop tulips from drooping. Putting tulips in a long vase will also help keep tulips upright.

What is the most popular tulip colour?

The colour of the tulip stems depends on what the occasion is, and what other stems are within the bouquet. A tulip and rose bouquet may use pink or red tulips, particularly if it is a romantic bouquet, to compliment red or pink roses. Yellow tulips often represent friendship, whilst purple tulips symbolize success and royalty.