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Cactus cool

How did the cactus become the world's most-wanted plant? Maybe it has something to do with how easy they are to look after and grow: keep a cactus happy simply by giving it a bit of sunshine, sand and water. The only thing you need to beware of is pricks (also sound advice for students of the wider world!). There are thousands of varieties of cacti and succulents, many of which you can buy and send from one of our independent florists...

Cactus Sunlight

Tips and tricks

Cactus care guide

Unsure how to keep your pricks content? Follow these cactus care tips during colder months.
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1 Floom Tips And Tricks Hot To Repot Your Cactus 1

Tips and tricks

How to repot your cactus

Looking to repot a cacti? Find out our tips to avoid needless contact with pricks.
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