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Despite the freezing temperatures – and the light dusting of snow – tomorrow, Tuesday March 20th marks the official start of spring.

It’s referred to as the vernal equinox, and it is in fact the only day of the year that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west the world over. Earth’s tilt will be zero in relation to our sun allowing it to cross straight over the equator – the reason why both of the Earth’s hemispheres receive an equal amount of sunlight on this day. Spring also brings a new crop of  stems – from freesias to sweet peas, this is our guide to the season’s finest.

Sweet pea 

Both an affectionate name for a loved one and a stem that embodies the spirit of spring –the sweet pea is served in a variety of vibrant colours, except for yellow. We can thank horticulturist Henry Eckford for the sweet pea. Known widely as the “Prince of Specialists”, he dedicated his career to breeding sweet peas – now one of springs most sought after stems.

Known widely as the “Prince of Specialists”, he dedicated his career to breeding sweet peas...

Floom Sweet Pea


The timeless tulip hails from impressive pedigree, storied for its strong Dutch heritage that’s eared it legions of fans worldwide. Bursting with saturated colour, a hand-tied bouquet of chilli-red tulips is fitting for a loved one, while yellow, pink and lilac iterations of the stems propose a vibrant gift for a friend.

Floom Tulip

Butterfly Ranunculus

Injecting orate beauty into many a new season bouquet is the butterfly ranunculus, the stem that’s earned renown for its complex petals and multiple flowers that sprout from a single stem. And the butterfly part? Each petal is coated with a barely-there layer of wax that gives the illusion of sparkling wings, similar to those of a butterfly. An all round striking stem. the illusion of sparkling wings, similar to those of a butterfly.

Floom Butterfly Ranunculus


The birth flower of March, the cheerful daffodil – genus name Narcissus, yet nobody knows why. It’s also the National Flower of Wales, worn nationwide on March 1st each year to celebrate Saint David’s day. You’re always sure to spot the daffodil’s distinctive trumpet-shaped cup framing the faces of merry rugby spectators at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium on match days.

Floom Daffodil


Born in the Cape Floristic Region of South Africa, the fragrant freesia is a sure sign that spring has arrived. Aside from their intense scent, the freesia’s funnel-shaped flowers are noted for their vibrant hue. While freesias of the white variety symbolise innocence (making them a popular choice for a wedding) pink is symbolic of motherly love, and yellow is synonymous with joy and new beginnings – a thoughtful gift for a friend who is embarking on a new career path, or moving into a new home.

Floom Freesia

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