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James Darton

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What a (weird and) wonderful world… A celebration of David Attenborough’s The Private Life Of Plants.

Yeah, we know - saying we love David Attenborough isn’t going to win us any awards at the annual Daring Opinions Awards. Its kind of like declaring that the ocean is very deep, or mountains are very high, or that even though Kanye West still remains a formidable producer, his rapping ability and his relationship with reality are definitely things of the past. What we’re trying to say is: it goes without saying. When it comes to the distinctive annunciations and incredible insights of Sir Dave, everyone is on the same page.

So you think of David Attenborough and you instantly hear that voice. The next thing that springs into your mind is almost certainly an animal. Maybe its the regal, slow-motion silhouette of an African big cat in pursuit of its prey, or the how-did-they-do-that shock of a microscopic insect colony recorded over days.

One thing it’s easy to overlook though in his great pantheon of work is the huge amount of light he’s shed on non-animal corners of the natural world. One of our favourite examples of this is (of course) The Private Life Of Plants, which held up a lens to some of the incredible, diverse greenery that inhabits our planet, and with which we could not live without. 

Below are some of our favourite moments from the series for you to revisit or gasp/swoon at for the first time. We’d offer a summary of each but really, we might as well just leave the master to it.

(Okay, so we know fungi aren’t technically plants but just look at those things!)

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