Tips & Tricks |Alternative Christmas Bouquets

Bored of traditional crimson berries, and utterly fed up with the velvety red festive poinsettia plant? Fear not, it’s relatively simple to avoid Christmas flower clichés with a little extra thought and consideration. From evergreen eucalyptus branches, to wintery flowering thistle stems – why not decorate you home with these striking festive alternatives?


As effective in a Christmas wreath as it is bunched up as a single stem arrangement in a tall glass vase – evergreen eucalyptus stems are our winter go-to here at Floom HQ. The stem pairs particularly well with wax flower stems if you’re looking for a minimal finish, while red roses make for a fine companion, too. And while other evergreen stems tend to lose their leaves, eucalyptus stems will last up to three weeks in a vase with water, meaning they will keep your home looking fresh well into the new year.

Alt Christmas Eucalyptus 1
Ylf Yellow


The floral emblem of Scotland, the thistle, is known for its prickly touch and has long been associated with winter owing to its hardy exterior (despite the fact that it traditionally flowers from May through to October). Often mischaracterised as a pesky weed, the thistle is actually super-useful as fuel for honey bees. Unexpected uses aside, there’s something striking about the aesthetic qualities of a flowering thistle - tough, yet soft at the same time - that makes it a stellar choice to be the hero of an alternative festive bouquet.

Alt Christmas Thistle 1
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Winter Whites

If your preferred color palette is “anything but red and green” - embrace the purity of winter whites and neutrals, particularly astilbe, campanula and garden rose stems. Aside from pleasuring all tastes, a bouquet of white stems will ensure a fresh scent in your home. Our top tip for the most striking arrangement? Opt for a trio of winter white seasonal post bunches arranged in jam jars - perfect for decorating your Christmas table in an unexpected way.

Alt Christmas Rose 1
Zita White