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The Art of Floral Dyeing with Cara Marie Piazza

Art & Design
Art & Design|The Art of Floral Dyeing with Cara Marie Piazza
1 Floom Magazine Writer Profile James Darton 1


James Darton

Contributing Editor

On Sunday 25th September a holy trinity of London flower lovers came together at The Edition hotel to execute an event we’d been looking forward to for what felt like forever: an afternoon of floral dying fun that left no t-shirt un-patterned, no hands un-stained.

In one corner of course there was us: Floom! We provided a whole host of fresh-cut flowers in all their raw, natural beauty so that our special guest host Cara Marie Piazza could talk the sold-out audience through the art of customising a beautiful, perfectly fitting plain white tee. Where did those tees come from? Why, Sunspel of course! Purveyors of the finest luxury basics out there and fellow appreciators of natural, intricate beauty.

Tickets sold like hot cakes for this (with some guests travelling from as far away as Denmark to get their hands messy), so keep your eyes peeled for any future Floom events that might take your fancy. In the meantime, take a look at some photos from Sunday below and imagine yourself elbow deep in glorious, glorious petal pigment.

Img 0210
Img 0293
Img 0229
Img 0314
Img 0336
Img 0354
Img 0401
Img 0410
Img 0422
Img 0435

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