Tips & Tricks |Thanksgiving Table Styling Tips

Let’s skip the part where we wax lyrical about the rich, historical significance of Thanksgiving and instead focus on the real positive: it provides the perfect excuse to throw a dinner party. It’s okay if you haven’t done this before – we’ve all been Thanksgiving novices at one point – but whether you’re a complete newbie or an old pro, take some stress out of holiday preparation by following the tips below.

How to set your table

Your table set-up says a lot about you. Before we get to the really important stuff – the flowers and foliage, though we would say that – there are three basics to keep in mind. 1) Lay your plates – always white; always round; never less than 10-inches wide – symmetrically around the table. 2) Your table needs to look uncluttered and like it has been laid without a lot of fuss – so just one wine glass, please. 3) You need candles – think classic, with white tapers.

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Flowers and foliage

Nature has no faults and you can always show your guests that you appreciate them with a wild array of flowers. Incorporate greens and flowers of various sizes to create visual and physical texture. When in doubt, add more meandering down the table. Continuity is also crucial for a great tablescape – to do this, simply create a small trail of foliage from one end to the other. Put your stems in small, short bud vases; even jam jars will do the trick.

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Keep your centrepieces low – so conversation can flow from one side of the table to the other – by laying your wreaths on their side. Classic green wreaths decorated with pinecones and red berries will do the trick.

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