Tips & Tricks |How to make a Christmas wreath

Hung on the front door or a window, nothing says Christmas more than a beautiful festive wreath. (It’s also the first thing guests see, so do your best to get it right, please!) But before sharing our step-by-step guide to making a wreath from scratch that looks just as good as the photo below, first thing’s first: prepare your work space – large, clear surfaces like a kitchen table or uncarpeted floor are best – and gather your tools. Ready?

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Photography by: Dan Duchars

1. Keep it real

Start with a real pine base. Not only does it look great, but the piney scent is the perfect greeting to your guests this holiday season. And, with no plastic, it’s kinder on the planet.

2. Choose your decorations

Pick out your decorations not only for their looks, but also for their scented attributes. Cinnamon sticks and dried fruit can add an extra sensual dimension to your wreath. Scented pine, thistle, dried lavender and limes also smell great.

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3. It's down to the wire

There’s nothing worse than a wreath that looks barer and barer the closer it gets to Christmas, as decorations fall off one by one. Use wire to attach them securely.

4. One at a time

Adorn the wreath with one type of decoration at a time. Place them at even intervals, working your way around the wreath, utilising the inside and outside areas. Then move on to your second type, filling in the gaps, then the third and so on. This method will ensure your wreath remains balanced.

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5. Wreath vanity

Hold your wreath up in a mirror whilst decorating to get some perspective on its progress and allowing you to see it from afar.

6. Hanging out

We recommend putting a nail on the inside of the door and threading the wire over the top of the frame. This prevents having a nail (and hole) in the front of your door for the rest of the year. (Alternatively, use your wreath laid flat as a centrepiece to decorate your table.)

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Photography by: Dan Duchars