Tips & Tricks |Just add water: how to propagate your Monstera plant

The Monstera deliciosa is probably the most Instagrammed of houseplants. Also known as the Swiss cheese plant — thanks to its huge, shiny hole-filled leaves — the 70s classic is now king of the indoor jungle. Not only does this tropical vine look great on the 'gram, but you can easily grow your own.

Floom Made Monstera 1

Unlike most living things, plants have the rare ability to duplicate all parts of themselves from any of their cells — no matter where they’re borrowed from. First, take a cutting from your mother plant. Slice off an 8cm sprig at a 45 degree angle using a clean, sharp knife. Include the tip of the stem and a few leaves at the top.

Floom Made Monstera 3

Pop into a clean glass filled with room temperature water (replacing weekly to discourage bacterial growth). Put into a sealed clear plastic bag to create a mini greenhouse. Pro tip: inflate the bag so the cutting doesn’t touch the sides. Leave in bright — but not direct — sunlight, top up the water as necessary and watch those wispy white tendrils grow.

Floom Made Monstera 2

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