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Flower of the Month |Chincherinchee

These delightful flowers err on just the right side of pretty we think, with smooth lance-shaped petals in all manner of delicate ivory shades. Inspired by the shape of their distinctive bloom, they’re also known as Stars Of Bethlehem, as well as the super-heroic sounding Wonder Flower. We’re most fond of Chincherinchee however, which tumbles off the tongue in nursery rhyme fashion and is derived from the flower’s South African name: Tjenkenrientjee.

Sticking with names, the flower’s symbolic qualities are derived from its botanical name, Ornithogalum, which mean’s ‘bird’s milk.’ Its association with sustenance has transcended its milky appearance however over the centuries - in times of famine the bulbs would be roasted and eaten like chestnuts. However, we don’t recommend trying this at home, as most online resources now say that the entire plant harbours toxic properties!

What we do know is that the Chincherinchee brings a wonderful, natural quality to a bouquet in a way that only true wildflowers can. Plus they’re notorious for their long life after cutting, and can potentially brighten your home for a good three weeks…

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