Life & Style |5 flowers to gift your Thanksgiving hosts

Just like it’s uncouth to turn up empty handed to a Thanksgiving dinner, it’s equally as discourteous not to thank your hardworking hosts. Turkey, mashed potato, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie aside, here at Floom we like to express gratitude to our host through the language of flowers, of course. Not sure which flowers to gift this thanksgiving? Fear not, we’ve de-coded the meaning of some of our favourite stems below.

Floom Ranunculus


History has it, that if you gifted someone a bunch of ranunculus in Victorian times, it was a way of saying: ‘I feel you have many charms’. Creative licence granted, we’re going to read between the lines and suggest that a bunch of ranunculus is the perfect way to say “The thanksgiving feast you prepared was a charming affair” to your host.

Floom Tulip


Did your Thanksgiving host pull out all the stops to treat you like the King/Queen you are/you aspire to be? If the answer is yes, it’s essential you gift them a blooming lovely bunch of tulips – for those of the purple variety have been associated with royalty for many years.

Floom Rose


Depending on your relationship with your Thanksgiving host, roses of the red variety might give off the wrong message… so we suggest you look to vibrant yellow or orange roses instead. While yellow are symbolic of both joy and friendship, orange roses channel the welcome traits of enthusiasm, passion and desire – the trappings required when slaving over a successful Thanksgiving meal.

Floom Anthurium


The traditional meaning of the anthurium is hospitality, due to the open, inviting nature of its heart-shaped flowers. It’s a real heart-warming sentiment that’s sure to give your host a fuzzy feeling inside that’s almost as warm as the tropical regions of South America from which the flower stems from.

Floom Orchid


It’s unsurprising that the orchid’s thrilling history has seen the stem long associated with rarity, luxury, beauty and strength – a perfect match when selecting a bouquet for a host that radiates power and independence, or for that truly unique and inspirational person in your life.