Life & Style |Tulip meaning and symbolism

The Tulip has been a contender for one of the best stems to have around in recent years. We’re diving in to exactly why this stem is so popular and why they make such great gifts, for you or someone else!

Floom Yellow Tulip 2

Yellow tulips

Planting yellow tulips in your front or back garden it's known to bring good luck, whilst they are often sent to friends as their colour symbolises friendship. Yellow tulips often represent friendship, whilst purple tulips symbolize success and royalty.

Floom Red 20 Tulip 2

Pink tulips

Pink tulips are known for meaning affection, caring, good wishes, and love, and is often seen in romantic bouquets coupled with red roses.

Floom White 20 Tulip 2 1

White tulips

White tulips have a meaning of forgiveness, respect, purity and honour.

Floom Purple Tulip 2 1

Purple tulips

You may often see purple tulips used for bridal bouquets, this is because Purple tulips have multiple meanings that lend themselves to love and commitment. The meaning behind the colour of purple tulips is royalty and nobility, signifying the importance of their big day, whilst the tulip’s overall meaning of ‘loyalty and love’ work well to compliment this, making purple tulips perfect for bridal bouquets.