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Why send flowers with Floom?

200Px Flower Eye

What you see is what you get

Love the bouquet on your screen? That’s exactly what our local florist will prepare freshly for your order… or your money back!
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Always unique, never generic

We only work with the most talented and unique artisans, and we’re passionate about supporting our skilled family of florists.
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Hand-delivered with care and attention

Each of our orders is professionally arranged, wrapped and safely delivered with a hand-written card… on the exact day that you need it.
Why we champion local independents

It's not always easy to find the exact plant you're after whilst shopping online or dashing to your local supermarket. That’s why we celebrate the amazing local independents who bring true passion to their shops, and offer a diverse range of indoor plants and outdoor plants for your home.

Whether it’s office plants or air purifying plants or the perfect housewarming present: our local independent plant shop owners make sending plants online a truly special occasion, every time.

Order by 1pm to receive same day plant delivery.

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