Tips & Tricks |Pet Friendly Plants

If like us, you’re forever trying to turn your home into an indoor jungle, it’s important not to forget a vital fact – not all plants are pet friendly. It’s essential you protect your furry friends via careful selection and pre-researched purchases. So whether you’re ordering some new green wonders for yourself, or planning to pop around to a friend’s house with a new plant in tow – let us give you a helping hand with four of our pet friendly favourites…

Floom Pet Friendly Plants 2


Aside from being an aesthetically pleasing houseplant that’s sure to add a little tropical pizazz to any home, almost all palms are a safe choice for your feline and canine companions. While it’s essential that you steer clear of the sago, those of the kentia, parlor or bamboo variety are perfectly safe for paws, particularly the latter as it doubles up to serve shade in the summer months.

Wax Plant

Renowned for both their smooth glossy green leaves and their wonderfully fragrant flowers, wax plants are able to tolerate very dry conditions, making them a perfect indoor plant. And guess what, they are non-toxic too – so both you and your pet can enjoy their star-shaped flowers and their sweet smelling nectar.

Floom Pet Friendly Plants 3


If you’re looking to add an exotic touch to your home, opt for succulents. So long as your four legged friends don’t decide to sink their teeth into them in lieu of a chew toy, consider them another safe pet friendly choice. Meanwhile, their spikes are likely to deter any unwanted attention.

Boston Fern

Distinctive for their frilly green leaves, Boston ferns are a traditional houseplant that will add classic green charm to any room. Perfectly safe for pets, they flourish in a spot with high humidity and indirect sunlight. Chances are your pet will appreciate an afternoon napping under the shade of their leaves, too.