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Flower of the Month |Yellow Dill

Dill is the unsung hero of the Apiaceae family - far better known for big-hitters such as the carrot and the parsnip. But tell me, have you ever had a carrot pickle liven up your burger? No, because when it comes to that sweet green tang that some people inexplicably pick out of their [generic burger-chain burger], it is the dill herb that reigns supreme.

We’re not here to talk about accompaniments to questionable meat products however, we’re here to talk about flowers and you may be surprised to learn that dill - yellow dill in particular - flower in a particularly lovely manner. Sure, those tiny clusters of petals are delicate and understated - clinging on for dear life as they do above the threadlike leaves beneath them - but sometimes its nice to focus on the little guys. The unsung heroes of a summer bouquet. Because in the same way that a carrot could never do the job that a dill pickle does, a preening dahlia will never offer the tonal complexities that a yellow dill stem can.

Post-script: What? You were hoping for some interesting factoid about the etymology of the word ‘dill’? Look, its German but no one knows what it means or where it came from and no one On The Internet seems to care enough to find out, okay? But that’s dill for you - never making a big song and dance, just quietly getting on with things…