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"Lucy Moffre was somewhat prodigious in her early path towards floristry: “I fell in love with flowers and design at an early age. I spent my childhood working with my grandmother growing and selling flowers in the countryside – I began to design my own bouquets at the age of 12!” Cut to some years later and Lucy is at the helm of her very own incredible floristry studio, Lucy’s Flowers. Before opening her first flower shop in Brooklyn, Lucy initially worked behind the scenes for clients that included Chanel and Louis Vuitton. Nevertheless, she states that her favourite floral memory is of an individual who called her in tears to say that she had just received “the most beautiful flowers she had ever seen in her life.” Describing her style as “European florals mixed with Japanese style,” it’s clear from Lucy’s incredible arrangements that she has spent her lifetime amongst the blooms well. “My approach to floral design combines simple and elegant shapes with an attention to every detail,” she adds. “Fresh flowers, natural beauty, modern takes on classical craft… all of these things feature in my designs.” As for why Lucy thinks flowers make such great gifts – well the answer is simple. “I believe flowers bring such positive feelings and love, and that’s something we all need so much of right now… they also make us connect back with nature and that’s very important.” "

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Flowers bring very positive feelings & love that we all need so much right now...
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Flowers make us connect back with nature, which is very important.

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