Tips & Tricks |How to keep your pricks content

Unsure how to keep your pricks content? Follow these cactus care tips during colder months.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve long been drawn to succulents and cacti for their low-maintenance nature, and their ability to add an exotic note to any room, even in the thick – and cold – of winter. And while they make for good houseplants all year round, they have a tendency to go dormant during the winter months, so they stop growing when temperatures and daylight drop. We suggest you keep your succulents and cacti in tip-top condition during colder months by following these three simple steps…

Cactus Sunlight

Step 1: Light Matters

A happy cacti or succulent receives at least three to four hours of bright light a day. Be sure to place your dormant plant in an area where it will thrive, for example, near a south or east facing window.

Succulent Water

Step 2: Water Well

They may be hardy, and easy to care for, but don’t be fooled into thinking that succulents don’t require regular deep watering. That doesn’t mean overdoing it. Water sparingly and from the top, allowing water to trickle through to the bottom and be sure to keep the water off the body of your cactus, so not to let it rot.

Floom Cacti Repot 1

Step 3: Pest Control

Give your cacti or succulent an MOT once in a while. By that we mean checking it for pests. Look closely at its leaves to check for aphids or bugs, and if you happen to find any, move the infested plant away from the rest of the family and mist them away. Repeat until they are all gone.