Life & Style |Floom's October Horoscopes


Libra, the start of your month is hot. In the love department, that is. Avoid commitments until after Venus goes direct again on October 16. When the new moon arrives on the 8th, it’s time to look after your mind, body and soul. Do what makes you happy, things that nourish your spirit. Venus reenters Libra on October 31. Shine bright like a diamond – be the centre of attention amongst your family and friends.


Venus goes retrograde in Scorpio on October 5 – your love life is about to get serious, and perhaps a little secretive too. By October 8, you’ll be craving some downtime. Get back in touch with your self, take some time to do the things that matter to you – whether that’s ordering some new plants or going to the gym. When the full moon arrives on October 24, you can run, but you can’t hide. Your effervescent personality will become something of a a magnetic force, drawing people closer, and perhaps someone completely unexpected, too.


If your love life cools down at the start of the month, fear not sagittarius. Real affection and devotion never leave. Get out of the house when the new moon arrives on October 8. Be socially active, you’re not a hermit at heart, so don’t act like one now. Until October 24, that is. Now you can be a homebody, so long as you don’t compromise on social interaction. Now is the time to reconnect with those afar.


Venus goes stationary retrograde in Scorpio on October 5. But what does this mean? Your love life will enter a more serious zone. Go deeper with your relationship, but postpone any firm commitments until after Venus goes direct in November. When the new moon arrives on the 8th, channel your energy towards a new career opportunity. You know it makes sense. All you need now is a little self-belief. The moon conjoins Saturn on October 14 – now is the time to take charge of a matter that has been floundering whether that’s your herb patch or a relationship with an old friend.


Enjoy some clarity in your love life when Venus goes stationary retrograde on October 5. With the new moon on the eighth, you’ll be able to challenge a concept or long-held belief in order to expand your knowledge.When the full moon arrives on October 24, your co-worker might need a shoulder to cry on. Be a good listener and offer sound advice, even if you feel like it could worsen the situation. They’ve come to you for your honesty, Aquarius.


When Venus goes stationary retrograde on October 5 a relationship might intensify in a less obvious way. When the new moon arrives on October 8, the truth will out. Acknowledge the reality of a situation in order to see the conflict, or injury, fizzle out or heal. When the moon conjoins Neptune on October 20 be prepared to indulge in important conversation with friends that might trigger a new dream that’s worthy of your attention. Mercury conjoins Jupiter on October 29 – put your practical hat on and think big. People value your opinion, Pisces.


Play fair in love as Venus goes retrograde on October 5, Aries. You’re capable of breaking a few hearts, but that’s not the way to go. You might have been trying to distract yourself from true love – fear not, it won’t go away, but be gracious about the attention. You might encounter an unwanted argument on October 10th during the Venus-Mars square. Think rationally – this isn’t a time to push a personal agenda. Connect on a deep level with someone during the full moon on October 24, perhaps an old friend with whom you’ve lost contact. Pop around their house for a cuppa with a bunch of flowers and enjoy the warmth it brings.


It's the season for romantic secrets Taurus. Play fair at the start of the month and avoid any long term commitments. When the new moon arrives on October 8th, you or someone close to you will be in need of care. Drop your guard and let the love life your heart. Venus retrogrades back into Libra on October 31, people close to you – a friend of a co-worker – could appear to be nice, but be sure to suss out their true intentions.


Venus goes retrograde on October 5. Love might slow down, but that’s not a bad things. Sometimes we need space to breathe, or to think things through. On October 8, you’ll be in the mood for you. And so you should. Pamper both your head and your heart. Be creative and playful in your free time, without being too daring or reckless. When the full moon shines on October 24 you’ll have settled into a good routine. If something’s playing on your mind, now is the time to tackle it in simple rational steps.


It might feel like you’re less emotionally connected to the people around you when Venus goes retrograde on October 5… Here’s a secret – it’s not true. Feelings are more under wraps now, that's all. On the new moon on October 8, a family member will need advice. Be sure to let them ask for it, then offer your honest opinion. Let your hair down when the new moon strikes on October 24. You’ve been bottling up emotions, so let loose. It’s okay to walk on the wild side once a month.


Oh Leo, you’re love life is set to be as stubborn as you on October 5. Fear not, it will all play out the way you want it to in the end. On October 8th’s new moon, let loved ones take care of you when it comes to making a big decision. Home life could get sweet with the October 24 full moon, that’s before an unexpected career or social event demands your attention. It’s all about finding balance – you can handle both.


When the new moon arrives on October 8th it’s time to spend your pennies on nobody but you. Think about your well-being – join a gym, have produce delivered from a local farm, or invest in new plats to freshen the air in your space. On October 9, Mercury leaves Libra and enters Scorpio. If you feel all partied out, embrace the prospect of slowing down. Just relax.