Life & Style |Floom's May Horoscopes


When the new moon arrives on May 15th, take a look around you. Appreciate the things that are working right and reward the people in your life who are always by your side. May 29th is a full moon – a time to win someone’s respect. Don’t doubt yourself, just do you and do it well.


May 15th is the time to reflect. New found knowledge is likely to increase your self-confidence, and in turn your happiness too. Things will change on May 20th, for you’ll be centre of attention. It’s a time to entertain and be entertained. You’ll end the month in the mood for romance. Listen to your partner’s desires around the 29th, or if you’re looking for love, embrace that new found attention.


The 15th of the month brings excitement – party on. You’ve never got enough time so stop trying to master the juggling act. Do what you can, but do it well. Venus enters Cancer on the nineteenth and your popularity stakes will soar. Relish the attention, but be sure not to over indulge. Reign things in around the 29th – put yourself first, let everyone else come to you.


When the new moon arrives on May 15th, listen to your intuition when it comes to your career. Take the route that benefits you, and remember there’s always support close by. The sun enters Gemini on the 20th – embrace your inner curiosity. And when the 29th arrives, take the risk. Follow your passion – without being reckless – and let the good times roll.


Mercury enters Taurus on May 13th. Close the door on things that are holding you back and spend more time focusing on getting your life organised. When the 15th arrives, be thankful for the things that are going well around you. May 29th’s full moon will brighten your home environment. Why not invest in new houseplants? Or learn a new domestic skill?


When the new moon arrives on May 15th you need to think smart. An unexpected gain is on the horizon. By the 25th, the moon is in Libra – now is the time to reconcile with an older friend or family member. Stop fretting, there’s every reason to act now. Let your hair down around the 29th of the month – think about planning a new adventure. Been checking Sky Scanner daily? Book those flights.


The Sun trines Pluto on May 11th leaving you energised. Now is a good time to think about networking, or perhaps investing time in a new friendship circle. When the new moon arrives on May 15th be charming, but be cautious of love. Don’t let someone lean on you too much. Be ready to fix your money matters around May 29th’s full moon. Been thinking about a side hustle? You’ve got this.


When the sun opposes Jupiter on May 8th be wise. It’s okay to be generous, but think about the return. The 15th’s new moon is a time for growth, whether that be in your career, or simply by bringing your houseplants back into bloom. At the end of the month it’s all about you. Book a spa day, find time for nature – but most importantly focus on yourself. True happiness awaits.


When the new moon shines down on May 15th do the thing you love the most. Be that spending time with family, working on a new project, or visiting old friends. Fix an unresolved issue when Mercury trines Saturn around the 18th. By the 29th of the month, it’s likely you’ll be experiencing a period of stress – make sacrifices in order to make positive progression.


The new moon will bring a opportunity to spark change – be that solving an unresolved problem, or revamping your home (with fresh blooms, perhaps?). Think carefully about your finances around the 16th – the correct considerations will enable you to avoid complications further down the line. May 29th’s full moon is the time to socialise. Attend that BBQ with a smile on your face. It may come as a surprise to you, but people want to hear what you have to say.


When Jupiter opposes the sun on the 8th, you may doubt yourself, but there’s no time for that. On the 15th there are fresh temptations – say yes to the thing that excites you most. You’ll be rewarded on May 29th when you’ll find time to focus on your career. It’s okay to promote yourself, but be sure you can live up to any new expectations. The key? A positive attitude.


May 15th brings financial opportunities – it’s okay to think about the present, but consider the future too. Be mindful of generous people – they could also bring new opportunities. When the Sun trines Mars on the 23rd you’ll be left energised. Think about new projects you can be involved in over the summer months. Think about going away for the full moon at the end of the month. Book a train, jump in the car, book a flight – whatever you do, be sure to go out and sample something new.