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When Mercury enters Cancer on June 12th, take time to think about your home or a personal project that’s craving your time for completion. Enjoy the sense of accomplishment this brings, then relax. The new moon mid month will show you how to better utilise your talents and skills – find time to promote your favourite cause and good fortune will come your way.


Cancer, you’re in for a bumpy ride. Unexpected ideas and thoughts may cause confusion mid-month – dedicate time to think about them, while keeping an open mind. On the 21st, the sun enters Cancer (and summer begins)! You’ll be craving time with family and friends – reconnect and enjoy the high that this brings. The full moon could bring an imperfect romantic partner, or your current relationship could need straightening out. Think about the future, not just the present, and things will fall into place.


Things are heating up Leo – you’re a social butterfly mid-month. Indulge in conversation and keep things casual in order to have fun. When the sun enters Cancer mid-month, radiate amongst friends and family. The full moon may bring complications at work – don’t get swamped down try negativity that will drain your energy. Be methodical and your accomplishments will shine through.


When the sun conjoins  Mercury in Gemini on June 5th, your intuition will be sharp. Take time to pursue your passions. The mid-month new moon will highlight an opportunity for major change (or several smaller adjustments) – be flexible, take them in your stride and rewards will come. When the full moon arrived on June 27th, take time to reflect on your progress – pause to give yourself a well deserved pat on the back!


Venus opposes Pluto on June 5th – buckle up Libra things could get bumpy. If a love interest goes for a walk on the wild side, remember you don’t have to, too. The new moon mid month brings the opportunity travel. Be curious, know that the world is your oyster, but think wisely about the place. Find some time yo relax at home at the end of the month in order to complete that task (DIY, or otherwise) that’s been put to the back of your mind.


June 13th is a time for reflection – resolve the problems on your mind and enjoy the clear headspace that this process brings. By the 26th Mars turns retrograde, slowing things time to allow for precision and care. When the full moon arrives, you’ll need to step up. Be the adult in the room in a social situation. As the month closes, try something new – you’ll be sure to do it again.


When Venus trines Jupiter on on 1st your emotions are likely to run wild. Help someone close to you, your generosity will be noted, but remember, there’s no need to compete. Romance may fill the air during the new moon – be it a smooth talker or a slow mover, you might meet a partner who’s on your level. Unload unwanted feelings and possessions around June 27th. If you skipped the Spring clean, act now.


You’ll be craving something to love around June 13th’s new moon. Been dreaming of a new kitten or puppy in your life? Perhaps now is the time. Or maybe it's orchids or new houseplants? Inject new life into your environment. When the full moon conjoins Saturn on the 27th higher your standards - and expectations - in love and romance. Nobody knows what you deserve better than you do yourself.


June 10th’s moon-Uranus conjunction brings the advantage of surprise. Don’t be reckless, success is a slow-burner. When the new moon arrives indulge in that personal project you’ve been neglecting – if nobody shares your passion, take some time to yourself. June 27th’s full moon brings activity within your private life. It’s okay to be selfish – get serious about quality private time.


Start the month thinking about your family and any underlying home concerns. Relax, drink tea, find time for phone calls or quality time with those you love. Neptune turns retrograde on the 18th – life can be both sweet and romantic, with our complication and unrealistic ideals. June 27th’s full moon sees your social life pick up. You may not be the centre of attention, but people always notice you and your voice is valued and heard.


Look to your friends for good times around the new moon on June 13th, there’s no need to go further afield. By the 26th of the month, Mars turns retrograde in Aquarius – this is the time to reflect. Stay cool, calm and collected and be sure not to rush into making any decisions (unless you’re ordering some new flowers, that is). The full moon on June 27th is shining a spotlight on all things work related. When opinions and demands become heightened, be sure to keep control.


Taurus, you’re in for a little luxury at the start of the month thanks to the Venus-Neptune trine on June 2nd – just try not to be too frivolous with your cash. The mid-month new moon is likely to bring you financial gain – just in time to make those summer plans. June 27th’s full moon could bring complications at the end of the month. There will be multiple choices – be they linked to your social life or your career path – so be sure to take your time making that decision.

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