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We want to share some of the plants known for keeping anxiety down, and helping to reduce stress. They’re great to keep around the home and in the garden to promote calmness. Read on for our top 6:

1. Boston Fern

Boston Fern is a great plant for decorating the home. They improve the air quality and help out with humidity, which impacts your sleep and energy levels.

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2. Red-edged dracaena

The red-edged dracaena plant not only sounds cool, but it’s also pretty low maintenance making it a great choice for those with a busy schedule. This wonderful plant stays alive for years, and it’s great for promoting relaxation.

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3. Lavender

Lavender is renowned for it’s calming benefits- often used for those who are having trouble sleeping. The scent of lavender is what’s most calling about the plant, it also creates a nice pop of colour in the home.

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4. Chrysanthemums

These big-headed, vibrant stems are striking in any bouquet and are also proven to help detoxify the air around it allowing your body to relax.


5. Snake plants

Toxins in the air can exacerbate stress, anxiety and depression. Snake plants around the home absorb these toxins easing the environment around you. These are also easy to take care of!

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6. Terrariums

Tired of feeling like your happiness is bottled up? Terrariums are great for helping boost your mental health by providing biologically diverse, self-sustaining, miniature ecosystems for you to tend to.

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