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Cancer, July is all about you. A new moon solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12 could mean that a group of friendly people will gravitate towards you, bringing an array of opportunities that are far more exciting than your average. Grab the dull by the horns, as they say – these people are here to help you live your best life. July 27 could shake loose a financial opportunity that’s been grinding your gears. Be firm and you’ll get what you want.


You don’t even need to leave the house on the new moon on July 12 – the world is coming to you. Things are going to get busy – enjoy it, but save a little time for yourself. When the sun enters Leo on July 22, passion will be the only thing you’re feeling. Now is not the time to play it safe…


Virgo, you’re a social butterfly come July 12. The new moon brings you a big invitation – get your outfit at the ready and say yes (nobody likes a no-show, you’d be missed). Mercury goes retrograde on July 25 meaning it’s time to sit back and relax. Invest time in that project that’s been craving your energy for some time. The full moon and lunar eclipse on July 27 could generate some self-doubt. Don’t second guess yourself. Tell yourself “I’ve got this” on repeat.


Oh la la Libra! Things are heating up in the love department thanks to the Venus-Uranus trine on July 1. Hit the accelerator on a new interest, or look out for an old flame that has the potential to burn brighter. Think about your career on July 12. The new moon will bring opportunities, so be sure to evaluate and choose wisely. Head over heart. Social affairs could get tangled come the lunar eclipse on July 27 – have fun, but keep it low-key.


If theres a relationship or a project that’s been spinning out of your control – the Mercury-Mars opposition on July 5 is here to grab hold of it. And by the new moon and solar eclipse on July 12 you’re ready to be the wisest person in the room. Remember, people care what you say. Embrace your influence. Your career could become complicated on July 27. Don’t panic, stick to the bases and remember to feel secure.


Jupiter goes direct on July 10 – your generosity and enthusiasm are likely to increase. Keep both reasonable. By the new moon, you’re hot property. And who doesn’t like being popular? Think about doing a good deed for someone who needs it most – it’s sure to bring you respect. Heads could clash when the lunar eclipse occurs on July 27. You don’t all have to be on the same page, it’s okay to let things level out naturally.


Capricorn, you’re centre of attention. Love and affection are on the horizon come July 12, and it could come from an unexpected source. Enjoy it. Be diplomatic around the full moon and lunar eclipse of July 27. Patient, too. People may interrupt you with immaterial issues, so be sure to stay calm.


Aquarius, July is panning out to be a smooth rise. The new moon and solar eclipse of July 12 ensures things are chilled at home and work. Roll with it. The full moon and lunar eclipse on July 27 highlight love and romance. Be sure to sweep away any unrealistic expectations and embrace what comes to you.


Pisces, this month it’s all about getting shit done. The sun-Neptune trine on July 8 could invigorate a project that’s been craving your attention. Invest time in the thing you’re most passionate about and you’ll be proud of the results. When the full moon and lunar eclipse arrives on July 27, think about your wellbeing. What changes could be made that will ensure your best health and happiness? Progress is on the horizon.


Stay calm around July 5th, there’s a disagreement brewing and it’s not worthy of your energy to be involved. Open your home and your heart for the new moon and solar eclipse on July 12 – let the good vibes, good luck, and good times roll. By July 27, it’s likely you’ll be feeling spontaneous. Let your inner child out – be curious and enjoy the new knowledge that brings.


Venus enters Virgo on July 9 and a social opportunity will arise. It’s low-key though, so be sure to remain true to yourself (that’s what people want to see). Spend time with friends and family on the new moon and solar eclipse on July 12 – there’s a lot of fun to be had which will leave you longing for more times like these. Put a date in the diary for that gathering you’ve been thinking about for months.


Things could change financially around the new moon and solar eclipse on July 12. Know your worth, don’t stand for anything less than you know you deserve. The outcome may not be what you expected, but it will be valuable that’s for sure. Mercury goes retrograde on the twenty-fifth – take time to yourself to set some future goals. What’s the one thing you’ll regret never doing? Write it down. Embrace it.

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