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The sun conjoins retrograde Mercury on August 8th which makes it easier to read between the lines to figure out what’s not being said out loud. You’re likely to be delivered an impulse opportunity mid-month – whether it’s something you’ve dreamt of for years, or it’s totally new – embrace it, and the joy it could bring. Mercury goes stationary direct on the eighteenth. Take some time for yourself. Enjoy life at a slower pace.


August 11th’s new moon and solar eclipse will play havoc with your headspace. Take a deep breath and look to those close to you for support. Mercury goes stationary direct on the eighteenth. Take this moment to reset, recharge and reorganise. Something you lost at the start of the month is right beneath your eyes! On August 22nd, the sun leaves Leo and enters Virgo – it’s time to think about a life change whether that be changing your health and fitness routine, or investing in new houseplants to invigorate your home.


Oh la la Libra! Venus enters on August 6th and romance is set to rise. The venus-Mars trine the next day sends temperatures soaring. Your social life is on the up too, but if people try to challenge your decisions don’t take the bait. Just do you. Mercury goes stationary direct on the eighteenth, and things start to calm down. Take this time to recharge, before ending the month on a passionate high.


Mars squares Uranus on August 1st – someone could push your buttons the wrong way… Control your temper and your patience will pay off. When mercury goes stationary direct on the eighteenth, get in touch with someone you’ve lost contact with. They may have flaked on you, but you’ll soon realise it’s not worth losing touch over. Mars goes stationary direct on August 27th. You may be lacking in motivation, but once you’re over the hurdle reunite with an old passion and happiness will come.


When the sun squares Jupiter on August 6th it’s likely someone will overlook your generosity – let it go, this time. August 11th's new moon and solar eclipse will widen your world, bringing both adventure and travel. Whether that’s a weekend away or a three month trip – say yes, pack your bags and go. You might want to spend less time at home at the August 26th full moon – there’s a lot going on but if you give it time everything will straighten out. Channel your energy into your career.


The new moon and solar eclipse of August 11th could bring an almighty ruckus. Things won’t have gone as you planned, but stay strong and sure of yourself. Look to your inner circle for support. When the sun trines Saturn on August 25th, people are listening. They respect your authority, so be gracious, responsible and supportive towards those who need your time most. You’ll end the month feeling motivated. Now is the time to make a wise decision about your future plans.


Ooh, romance is on the cards Aquarius. The solar eclipse and new moon on August 11th will enliven a relationship. Just remember, the most important person to please is yourself. The sun trines Uranus on August 25th – if you have a bold, fresh idea put pen to paper, before making it known. People will admire your ambition, you know. Be patient, before ramping things up at the end of the month. Success will follow.


You could encounter a few little hiccups around August 11th’s new moon and solar eclipse. Don’t waste time worrying, time will heal all. Mercury goes stationary direct on August 18th, remember kicking yourself at the start of the month and thinking that thing you lost would never return? It was right under your feet. The full moon is a time for discovery – you have a lot more in common with someone than you expected. Enjoy this new relationship.


Aries, aries, aries! Control your temper at the start of the month. It may seem like a good idea to go in all guns blazing, but it won’t pay off in the long run. Simply hold your tongue. August 11th’s new moon and solar eclipse bring temptation. You know the opportunity is risky, but only you can decide what to do. Think slowly and wisely. Take things slow at the end of the month, spend time with your closest companions and enjoy the intimacy that brings.


Consider the moon-Venus trine on August 5th an ice breaker. That awkward situation will soon pass. August 11th’s new moon could bring disagreements at home. Just remember it’s never all plain sailing, sometimes things like this take a little work. It will soon pay off. On August 18th, retrograde Mercury sextiles Venus. Delve deeper into an artistic or romantic matter – the new learnings this brings will come of great value in a few months time. The full moon on the 26th brings good luck in a financial matter. Use your new-found fortunes wisely.


On August 8th the sun conjoins retrograde Mercury empowering your intuition – perhaps you’ll start to see someone in a new light, or take a new stance on a situation. When Mercury retrograde sextiles Venus on the 18th, a close friend will try to show you something. Pay close attention, it may be less obvious than they think. The full moon shines a spotlight on your social life on August 26th. Spread your wings and embrace the attention before cooling things down at the end of the month.


Be sure not to retreat into your shell around August 7th, Cancer, because romance is rich. The new moon (and solar eclipse) on August 11th could bring financial relief. You’ve had a bumpy ride, so be cautious when presented with mixed messages and you’ll receive good news in the end. When mercury goes stationary direct on August 18th – get organised. Whether that’s getting on top of your inbox at work, or clearing out that dreaded cupboard – satisfaction is sure to follow.

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