Life & Style |Floom’s April Horoscopes

♈ Aries

Aries, this is your month. Enjoy that birthday, it’s all about you. The Mars-Saturn conjunction at the start will give you serious authority – to be used wisely – but the 15th’s new moon is the time to start something new. Meanwhile, Mars-Pluto’s conjunction on April 26th could bring heightened emotions – replace any conflict with positive passion. The full moon brings opportunities – be spontaneous, but let people come to you.

♉ Taurus

Venus trines Mars on April 10th. So, what does that mean for you? When desire and passion sit in harmony, love is on the horizon. Meanwhile, the Sun enters Taurus on April 19th – leaving you energised to embrace a new opportunity, while things are due to heat up with an existing partner at the end of the month – be it business or pleasure.

♊ Gemini

Your starting the month in a playful mood thanks to the sun-Mercury conjunction, while the new moon on the 15th provides a time to socialise with those around you, both family and friends. April 29th brings the birth of something new. Been penning puppy names? This is the time to introduce that pet into your life.

♋ Cancer

Things are set to swivel sideways on April 15th, be it your work or career path. Hold on tight – you’re in for a bumpy ride, but it’s one that takes you in a better direction so long as you don’t doubt yourself. Embrace your inner confidence instead. On the 21st Cancer trines dreamy Neptune, followed by Jupiter – romance is on the cards. Someone appreciates you more than you know.

♌ Leo

The 15th of the month brings excitement – the chance to travel somewhere, to new sun-drenched or deserted shores. Dig out that bucket list and choose which box to tick off first. When the 29th comes rolling around the corner, it’s all about your loved ones. Embrace time with friends and family, and be sure to rectify any feuds.

♍ Virgo

Your intuition will be set free at the start of the month, thanks to the sun-Mercury conjunction. But by the 15th, you’ll be playing agony aunt to someone in your inner circle. Offer advice, then learn by observing. April 29th’s full moon returns your support, bringing helpful friends and neighbours to your side. Whether you think you need it or not, gratefully accept.

♎ Libra

Libra, you’re in the market for love. Venus trines Mars on April 10th and it’s a time to be flirtatious, for love may come from an unexpected angle by the time you reach the 15th. If it’s not perfect, give it time. April 29th is set to bring good wishes to your financial situation – be it a letter in the post, or an item of value you’ve misplaced.

♏ Scorpio

When the new moon arrives on April 15th, listen to your body, for it’s trying to tell you something. Spend less hours working, and concentrate on success from within. When the 26th arrives, control your temper. There’s no reason to let a mole hill turn into a mountain. April 29th is all about self-love. Embrace your personal qualities and everything else will fall into place.

♐ Sagittarius

While April 15th’s new moon promises fresh thrills – big or small – the Venus-Jupiter opposition on the 17th is likely to bring mixed emotions. Figure out what you want before it’s too late. Think slowly, and carefully. Look out for April 29th – this is your opportunity to bring someone close to you great pleasure. By sending a thoughtful bouquet, perhaps?

♑ Capricorn

Close the door on something you thought you’d never finish on April 15th. All you need is a nudge in the right direction. That wasn’t so hard, was it? On the 17th Saturn goes retrograde, which means you need to put your feet up, relax, and stop worrying about what other people think, because the 29th’s sun-Saturn trine will pave the way for you to accomplish great things.

♒ Aquarius

The new moon will bring a new connection, be it a new friend, or a strengthened one with someone on the outer ring of your circle. When the Sun conjoins Uranus on the 18th of the month, be spontaneous, inventive, and even daring, just in time to step into the spotlight on April 29th under the full moon doing what you do best.

♓ Pisces

Sensitivity its on the horizon on April 12th and we’re putting it down to the Moon-Neptune conjunction. It may sound absurd to you, but this is the time to put your own feelings first. It will pay off on the 15th when your clever ideas are received to rave review. End the month on a high, you have the opportunity to be generous, whether that be treating a loved one or giving something back to a cause you place close to heart.

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