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Flower of the Month |Sweet Pea

The sweet pea as we know it today exists only thanks to the work of Victorian superstar horticulturist Henry Eckford (yeah, a century and a half or so before the Kardashians hit our screens, it was possible to become a cultural sensation by way of horticulture). Eckford, known as the “Prince of Specialists,” devoted the latter part of his career to what was until then a rather unassuming (albeit always sweetly scented) flower originally found in Sicily and Southern Italy. In 1988, just seven years before his death, Eckford ‘perfected’ his breed of sweet peas, and their impressive blooms led pretty much directly to those we covet today.

Regardless of any of that though: how about that scent. When you’re constantly surrounded by amazing bouquets, as we’re lucky enough to be in Floom HQ more often than most, its easy to get (dare we say it) a little blasé about things. Anything with a great smell though instantly triggers our instinctive love for them all over again, and sweet peas are among the greatest in this respect.
Flowers that you can literally enjoy with your eyes closed: is it any wonder that these fragrant beauties have become symbols of pleasure and bliss?

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