Our flower of the week, the Scabiosa, takes its slightly unappealing name from the latin word ‘scabere,’ meaning to scratch. In medieval times it was believed that the Scabiosa could relieve the itch of scabies and other skin conditions. We can’t find any modern-day medical minds who will verify this for us, however what we do know is that it is a true beacon amongst the honeysuckle family of flowering plants - something that rolls off the tongue all the more deliciously. Just soak it up: honeysuckle.

Known for their rich abundance of sweet nectar and lengthy flowering season, Scabiosa have long been favourites in the classic country garden. Their colourful plumage and long, needle-like pistils are ripe for attracting all manner of bees, butterflies and other good-natured souls - if you’re lucky enough to cohabit in a part of the world that features hummingbirds, the nosy flutterers are particularly fond of the Scabiosa. 

Of course the many varieties also make striking additions to cut-stem arrangements. The aforementioned needly centre has earnt the Scabiosa the nickname of ‘pincushion flower’ but what we really love is how that dense centre contrasts with the elegant, almost dainty frills that surround it. 

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