Flower of the Month |Paper Daisy

Don’t lie, we all love the unpretentious pleasures of a daisy! This time we’re focusing on the paper variety - don’t bother trying to google it unless you’re a big fan of folksy craft websites belonging to the sort of people you wouldn’t really believe knew websites existed… apart from the fact that they have one, and they’re gonna use their geocities page to show you how to make a flower out of A4 sheets whether you like it or not. As you’d expect, real-life paper daisies possess a papery texture. They’re also blessed with qualities that elevate it to a kind of super-daisy: the petals are more shapely and can feature stunning gradients in their colouring; the central disc often bursts upwards with a halo of tiny individual flowers (or florets).

Daisies symbolise innocence and purity, something which does seem to have stuck now that I think about it. Like, if I was writing a teen movie about bitchy high-school trials and tribulations, it would never occur to me to name the stuck up antagonist - all sneering lip-gloss and ice-cold eyelashes - Daisy. Daisy would be the hapless, heart-of-gold, have-a-go hero who, like all the best outdated and borderline offensive ways in which popular culture tries to turn women against each other, wins out in the end by hooking up with the misunderstood jock while the cheerleader (let’s call her Priscilla or something) ends up covered in mud with everyone laughing at her. 

Whether we’re jaded cynics or not, we’re all rooting for Daisy to varying degrees, and likewise there’s nothing nicer than seeing her namesake flower holding her own amidst a bouquet of more exotic blooms. Three cheers for Daisy! Cue the soundtrack of late nineties pop-punk hits! Roll credits.

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