Double Click Cosmos

Aug 7, 2017

We’ve already talked about our love of white and chocolate cosmos (Cosmoses? Cosmi?) in the past, and now here’s a third variety for your FOTW-pleasure… The excellently-named Double Click Cosmos is a double special type of Cosmos bipinnatus: a rather-run-of-the-mill Mexican cosmos that has nevertheless given rise to some excellent cultivars (We have no idea what it looks like, but the ‘Sensation Pinkie’ rivals Double Click in the name department for sure. 

Its ancestors may be hardy perennials from Mexico, but the Double Click was bred originally in France as a cut flower. As the name suggests, it features an outwards explosion of amazing semi-double and double blossoms – generally of the frilly (borderline flouncy!) persuasion and always in glorious shades of cranberry red, a couple of pink tones and pure, ivory white. 

As you’re probably aware by now, we especially love flowers that add a little extra to our natural environments, and the Double Clicks are particularly alluring to our butterfly friends, floating as they do above fern-like foliage. Where they do fall a little short is on the mythology side of things – there’s no overt symbolism associated with them beyond the standard cosmos symbol of peace and modesty. Really though, when you’re looking this fine, who needs arbitrary added extras like that anyway?    

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