Ah, the common European daisy, aka Bellis Perennis, aka the archetypal species of the Asteraceae family. Just because you know what you’re getting with the daisy doesn’t mean its not worth pausing over though, taking a moment to appreciate its simple beauty. After all, strange little plates in fine dining establishments are all well and good, but sometimes literally nothing will beat a bag of chips, right?

Back in the cut throat world of Ancient Rome, it was discovered that daisies have astringent properties. The surgeons who accompanied legions into battle would send out slaves to fill sacks with the dainty flower. Bandages would then be soaked in the juices extracted from the gathered daisies, used to bind wounds. Perhaps worth remembering next time you’re heading to a sword or spear fight.

What you also might not know about the daisy is that its name is thought to be a corruption of the phrase ‘day’s-eye’ - this is because the entire head of the flower closes at night time and opens when the sun comes up. Can you think of anything cuter than a flower that retires to bed every evening?