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Life & Style |The stems our florists are sending to their Valentine’s

Still unsure which stems to send your lover this February 14th? With only a few weeks to go, it’s time to take your cues from the experts. Here, florists from Studio Choo, The Flower Folk, Victoria Windsor and U & I Flowers weigh in on their favourite Valentine’s Day appropriate stems, the memories they associate with them, and the reason why they're sending them next week...

Alethea from Studio Choo, @studiochoo

Which stems are you sending this Valentine's Day?
Local ranunculus, anemones, tuberose, narcissus, and sweet peas.

What's your most loved Valentine's Day stem and why?
Jasmine, because it smells like a warm summer evening.

Studio Choo

Pip Lowe from The Flower Folk, @pip_theflowerfolk

Which stems are you sending this Valentine's Day?
That’s a tough question, but if I did decide to send any flowers for Valentine’s day this year it would be for sure anemones. I find that pretty much everyone can appreciate the beauty and simplicity of anemones – even people who don't usually consider themselves flower fans (as in my boyfriend). The large Italian stems you can get nowadays are so impressive as they slowly open out and last for ages. Just a few anemones on their own in a vase look amazing whether you pick the vivid colours or go for the softer pastel shades, both have the same stunning effect. But to be honest I think he'd be massively disappointed if I sent him anemones as he's just said he's expecting a Nintendo switch…!

Floom Anemone 2

Victoria from Victoria Windsor, @victoriawindsorltd

What's your most loved Valentine's Day stem and why?
Ranunculus, its delicate petals are so romantic yet they last for so long; as long as you treat them with care. I’m pretty sure there's a metaphor in there somewhere too!

Which stems are you sending this Valentine's Day?
I don't have a Valentine so I'll be buying myself wine and celebrating it being over!


Kritina from U & I Flowers, @uandiflowers

Which stems are you sending this Valentine's Day?
This Valentine's will consist of roses, of course! They’re everybody's favourite and a timeless classic. Roses, and ranunculus, calla lilies and spray roses.

What's your most loved Valentine's Day stem and why?
The calla lily! It's not a popular choice, because roses seem to be the way to go. But calla lilies are just so elegant and delicate, and they come in variety of unique colours like roses do. They are definitely an amazing addition to any bouquet or arrangement! And the way to go for me personally.

Floom Valentines Day Calla Lily

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