Life & Style |A 5-Step Guide to Valentine’s Success

Selecting the right bouquet for a special occasion – like Valentine’s Day – is no easy feat. There are all sorts of questions to consider… which flowers? Where do I send them? Do I remain elusive, or simply sign my name? Thankfully, we’ve compiled a fail-safe V-day survival guide. Here’s to nailing February 14th with a little help from the Floom team.

1. Picking the right flowers

It depends what you’re trying to say. For the one you love, opt for red roses. Bursting with natural beauty, depth and complexity – just read our FOTM for reassurance – they needn’t be a cliche. Meanwhile those of the pink variety symbolise compassion and admiration making them perfect for a friend.

potentially the most sensual of all the flowers...

Anthurium Ls

2. Red roses aren't the only option

The opportunities are endless. But for an alternative that’s as rich in colour and equally as passionate, opt for anemones. That, according to Ovid’s Metamorphoses, was created by the goddess Venus.

Floom Fotw Anemone Ls

3. Include a gift note

Personally, we’d advise anonymity, accompanied by a considered, doting message. All of ours are hand written for that extra touch of personality.

I Love You Note

4. Be organised

Order them now! You’re able to send flowers up to 14 days in advance on, so there’s no reason to wait. But if you’re the last minute type you can order as late as 1pm on the fabled 14th and they’ll be delivered by 5pm.

5. Get them delivered

If there’s one day of the year on which public displays of affection are allowed – this is it. Send them to your lovers place of work and rest assured that your flowers will blow the others out of the water.

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