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Happy Pride

It’s time to make everyone feel accepted, one bouquet at a time...

So to celebrate all things Pride...
...we've taken out our rainbow ribbons and invited our independent florists to design specially themed bouquets.

We’re also happy to announce that a cut of the profits will be donated to Diversity Role Models.

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As June rolls around each year, we partner with our florists to celebrate LGBTQ+ identities, history and achievements. And this year’s a big one – 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising.

While Pride unites hundreds of millions of diverse LGBTQ+ people across the planet, the fight for equality is still on. Join us throughout the month as we celebrate all our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, friends, neighbours and colleagues who helped turn LGBTQ+ folks from ‘them’ into an ‘us’.

For all of our bouquets that have been specially designed for Pride, we’ll donate our cut of the profits to Diversity Role Models. Working to stop bullying related to gender and sexuality, DRM encourages critical thinking by running school workshops with LGBTQ+ or ally role models. Here at Floom, we’re proud to support.

Our independent florists from New York City and Los Angeles to San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, San Diego and Houston – yes, America's starting to feel a lot like home! – all share our values and commitment to providing a perfect delivery of flowers throughout such an important month of the year.

We hope you enjoy our stunning rainbow-themed bouquets.

Happy Pride 2019!