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Top 5: winter wedding flowers

We love weddings: the outfits, the cake, the drunk relatives with ties around their heads on the d-floor. But above all we love the flowers. Most people will tell you that summer weddings feature the best flowers, but it doesn't have to be that way. In fact, if you’re tying the knot or going to someone else’s wedding this winter, you’ll have easy access to some of our favorite blooms. Here’s a brief guide.

Floom White Label 204


These beauties come in crisp white, look a bit like poppies and are one of the most in-demand winter wedding flowers right now. Typically in season from October through May.

Floom White Ranunculus 7


These delicate, tissue-paper thin petals add texture to any arrangement or stand out on their own. Coming in a variety of colors, they start to appear at flower markets from November and stay in season until June.

White Hydrangea


Their pom-pom-like shape – at times almost cuddly – can add a playful touch to any bouquet. Boldly-coloured variations are hard to find after December but, for winter weddings anyway, we recommend sticking to the white-petalled variety.

Floom White Label 172


Also known as winter roses, the hellebore grows in white – or dark burgundy for something more dramatic – from late winter until the end of spring.

White Lilac

White lilacs

Maybe the ultimate flower for winter weddings, white lilacs symbolize purity and innocence. Peak season generally runs from February until the end of May.

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