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Flowers for fall

Your peonies and dahlias won’t flower forever… The good news is that it’s time to start buying or planting your fall favorites. Here’s a round-up to get you started.

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Play the long game and give your roses some care through fall, and they’ll thrive through winter. So: snip off any soggy, shrivelled blooms; shorten stems; prune out dead, damaged or crossing stems.

Simple: water regularly, keep them in indirect light and, to keep them blooming, cut off the buds as they wilt.
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These eye-catching bedding plants bloom from spring to fall. To prolong the growing season further, remove the blooms as soon as they wilt (a process known as deadheading).

The Sunflower
Their yellow hues make them ideal for fall bouquets. Remember when planting the heads follow the sun throughout the day.
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Flower delivery for fall

Want to make someone's birthday extra special? Need to find the perfect thanksgiving flower arrangement? Whatever the occasion, if you need flowers delivered same day in major US cities such as New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Chicago and San Diego — we've got you covered.