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Briarwood Flower Delivery

Floom removes the hassle of sending a beautiful, stunning flower bouquet or plant from a local independent florist for flower delivery in Briarwood, New York.

Just enter your delivery zipcode at the top to send the perfect flower bouquet to someone in Briarwood.

Same day flower delivery Briarwood is available before 12pm EST and Briarwood next day delivery before 11:59pm EST.

Order your Briarwood flowers online with Floom, and the local independent florist fulfilling your order will ensure they are hand delivered to your chosen recipient. We also provide the option for a handwritten message (our florists all have nice handwriting, we promise!) with the delivery of your bouquet in our delivery cards.

Want to speak to our flower ordering experts? Call us: (+1) 646 968 0316

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Why send flowers with Floom?

200Px Flower Eye

What you see is what you get

Love the bouquet on your screen? That’s exactly what our local florist will prepare freshly for your order… or your money back!
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Always unique, never generic

We only work with the most talented and unique artisans, and we’re passionate about supporting our skilled family of florists.
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Hand-delivered with care and attention

Each of our orders is professionally arranged, wrapped and safely delivered with a hand-written card… on the exact day that you need it.

Just some of our happy customers...

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Briarwood's finest independent florists

What do CSI: Miami’s David Caruso and renowned feminist writer Betty Frieden have in common? They both spent time living in the New York neighborhood of Briarwood, Queens! While it’s hard to ever imagine Lt. Horaitio Caine sending flowers online to the author of The Feminine Mystique, we’re sure stranger flower deliveries have been made!

Perhaps even in Briarwood, a super diverse neighborhood that sits between Jamaica, Queens and Parkway Village, Queens. With a gloriously international population comprised of Asian-American, White, Hispanic and African-American folk, it’s little wonder that it’s also home to some of the most unique Briarwood florists and flower shops in New York. The Floom partner florists mean you can arrange Briarwood flower delivery– often next day and same day flower delivery in Briarwood – safe in the knowledge that when you send bouquets they will capture that great local spirit