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In 1973 Flowers by Coley was established. The store quickly became a mainstay in the San Diego area. Kristy Weinzimer purchased Flowers by Coley in 2007. She breathed new life into the brand and quickly started to grow and expand the business. Today Flowers by Coley continues to serve the San Diego market as well as Orange County and San Francisco. As the business continues to blossom our focus remains simple. We provide innovative, unique floral designs to be enjoyed during life's most precious moments thus creating lasting memories.

Kristy realized her passion for floral design when she began her initial business Who Invited You, a wedding design and planning company. While she enjoyed all aspects of event design it was floral design that left her feeling most fulfilled. Kristy loves pairing color and texture to create one of a kind custom fleeting gifts that offer joy, expression and personality.

Kirsty, owner of Flowers by Coley believes flowers make amazing gifts because they are temporary and extraordinary, just like all of life's finest moments. "There isn't a better medium to express your feelings. When words just aren't enough, try letting flowers say it for you."

When asked who they admire most within the industry, Kirsty responded "I admire so many talented designers work! I find myself, just like any other designer, drawing inspiration from daily life. Whether it be interesting graffiti I walk by in the city, or breath taking views on a hike I always find myself inspired by colors and scenery throughout daily life."

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If I were a flower, I would definitely be a tulip...
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...Tulips continue to grow and thrive even after they are cut from the plant. They thrive no matter the situation.

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