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Starbright Floral Design has been serving New York City for over two decades now, delivering only the freshest high-quality blooms across the Big Apple. Led by the father-son team of Nic and Stephen Faitos, Starbright aims to set the standard for modern floral design in NYC and beyond – in fact, both Nic and Stephen have been recognized nationally for their contribution to the floral industry. “Starbright was formed in the fall of 1994 with a dynamic combination of passion and dreams,” says Nic. “In the early years, my wife Eva and I were just struggling to find our footing and a place in the sun. We remained true to our philosophy that if you give something all you have, try your hardest and set a new standard in quality then the reward of success will soon follow. What began as a twinkle in the eyes has culminated in Starbright becoming one of the most coveted florists in Manhattan.” There’s no exaggeration in that claim either – over 200 of the city’s best-known concierges recommend Starbright, earning it the moniker, “The Official Florist of the City that Never Sleeps.” As beautiful as Starbright’s blooms are, Nic and his family are just as enamoured with the incredible scents that their fresh blooms conjure: “the peony flower is probably my favorite – it’s incredibly beautiful and fragrant, and its fragrance takes me back to memories that I otherwise would have forgotten. On our twentieth anniversary, I remember walking through the door and seeing a beautiful peony composition. I stopped to smell it and admire its beauty and thought to myself that I’m incredibly lucky to walk into this every day.”

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Our style is cutting edge modern to elegant and traditional, we are lucky that our team are incredibly versatile in style and design.
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The most important thing to us is creating arrangements that can convey feelings that words or other gifts can't adequately express.

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