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Naperville — North River Road

JMB Haute Floral Design

Jeanine Mesias, founder of Chicago’s JMB Haute, found her way into floristry via an alternative route – on the back of her studies in architecture. Translating her design knowledge to the field of floristry, Jeanine has built an online botanical business that prides itself in crafting bespoke, luxurious bouquets for everyday gifting and weddings alike.

Having turned her hand to floristry 20 years ago, Jeanine has never looked back. “It’s a form of creative expression that I adore,” she explains before describing her style as “eclectic”. “It combines a number of styles that personally resonate with me: classic, extravagant, and unique.” Drawing her inspiration from shapes, objects, landscapes and colour, Jeanine cites innovation and creativity as the pillars that keep her passion for flowers alive. As for her team, Jeanine employs a small but enigmatic bunch of talented artisans, producers, welders, carpenters and gardeners – for their landscape division – that collectively realise her future-facing designs.

Floom Jmb Haute Chicago Studio 1B
My inspiration comes from shapes, objects, landscapes and colour.
Floom Jmb Haute Chicago Studio 2
I think innovation and creativity are a must to keep my passion for flowers alive!

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