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Foxgloves and Folly

Kate Norris, founder of Los Angelean blooms-boutique Foxgloves and Folly, might have been in the floristry game for a while now but she definitely hasn’t lost her infectious love of flowers… “Quite simply, flowers make people happy – I have never seen someone look at a flower-filled garden and not smile!” she says. “I look to reproduce that natural high with my flower arrangements. Flowers can express love and make someone feel loved, can lift someone’s spirits, can express someone’s grief – no words are needed. You sometimes hear people say ‘but they don’t last’ but in my opinion that is part of their appeal. Their beauty is fleeting.”

Kate honed her floristry skills at London institution McQueens, before upping sticks(/stems) and heading for the West Coast. Here, she began Foxgloves and Folly as a way to express her own creativity. “My floristry style is very natural, loose, asymmetrical and free flowing with lots of seasonal greenery, foliage and textures,” she says. When asked what her favourite flower is, she can’t narrow it down to just one. “Absolute faves will always include fritillaries, hellabores, butterfly ranunculus, anemones and roses though,” she says. Expect to see them in abundance across her bouquets!

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Our heart is very much tied with the flowers though and our hand-tied bouquets and flower jars are our stand out items...
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...asymmetrical designs with beautiful flowers and loads of textures and foliages.

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