Moss Meadow

Los Angeles

Fern and Mist

Formerly known as two separate companies, Fern & Mist Florals and The Swallow’s Flight, Moss & Meadow Designs is a cohesive space that combines the two: Inspired by the romance of nature and dedicated to creating eclectic and wild beauty. It was born amidst a flurry of passion and determination when the flower shop I worked in closed down. My love for flower work pushed me out of my comfort zone and into full-fledged creativity. Within a week, I found a garage, started taking orders and have been committed to living in beauty ever since.

Each bouquet, tea and ware is handmade with passion and joy. I believe in the beauty of details and strive to make each aspect of what I do ring poetic and true. I offer a unique range of services from bespoke floral arrangements & events to carefully tailored subscription services meant to usher in self-care. My shop is tucked away in a little corner of South Pasadena, waiting for you to discover it. Come on by and chat while I make you a cup of herbal tea or beautiful bouquet. Think of it as a way to heal & nurture your heart by surrounding yourself with beauty. I can’t wait to create it for you.


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