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In true West-Coast-Entrepreneurial-Startup style, Annie Wonderlich’s business began in the most humble of offices: her home garage. Unlike the ‘disruptive tech’-obsessed bros who have come to dominate the scene slightly further up the shoreline, Annie’s Los Angelean business was all about (in her words) “a custom that has been around for hundreds of years.” You’ll be shocked to hear, here on this page, that Art Fleur is indeed a floristry studio! Now based in its very own beautiful building in the heart of Venice, they specialize in everyday bouquets, weddings and other events.

Prior to Art Fleur, Annie fell in love with the floral world by working with another well-known floristry company in Los Angeles. The only catch was that Annie worked firmly in the “business” side of things, and yearned to be able to express her creativity more fully and florally.

Luckily for us (and you!) she took the plunge! Annie has never looked back and still gets that kick out of delivering a much loved bouquet. “Everytime you receive flowers… it never gets old. When people say they don’t like getting flowers I just can’t believe them. If you send them, I guarantee they will smile!”

Floom Art Fleur La Florist Studio 2
Rose. It used not to be my favorite until I became a florist...
Floom Art Fleur La Florist Studio 3
...and realized how many varieties there are and how different they look and smell.

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