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Chicago — Mayfair

Plant Shop Chicago

Founded by Juan and Ozzy, Plant Shop Chicago is on a mission to encourage people to make their homes a little bit greener. By taking into consideration factors like lifestyle, environment, schedule, and budget, the Plant Shop Chicago team are able to educate customers on the plants that will thrive best in both their lives and their homes.

Located in Chicago’s Albany Park neighbourhood, Juan and Ozzy’s nursery is packed with an eclectic mix of plants, ranging from popular perennials to succulents, cacti and tropicals, terrariums that are unique and rare. As Juan and Ozzy put it, they’re “intrigued by any ‘oddball’ plant, always looking always searching for new plants to bring in.”

Having grown up in Central America, for Juan and Ozzy, plants and flowers were “as much part of our childhood as learning how to walk”. Describing their style of floristry as “subtle, and calm, with a splash of darkness”, Juan and Ozzy’s raison d’être is the innate beauty of botanicals. “Working with flowers reminds us of how beautiful mother nature can be, if only for a little while. Plants and flowers can remind anyone to slow down and smell the roses. To take sometime and appreciate life.” We couldn’t agree more.

Floom Plant Shop Chicago Studio 5
The most memorable experience was opening our doors for the first time...
Floom Plant Shop Chicago Studio 6
...walking in and seeing everything we had visualised and more.

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Plant Shop Chicago, LLC|4273-6552|4601 N Elston Ave Chicago, IL 60630