Marguerite Gardens


Marguerite Gardens

Steeped in botanical heritage – 30 years to be precise – Chicago’s Marguerite Gardens floristry studio is located in the city’s charming West Town neighbourhood and specialises in unique flower arrangements that exude natural beauty. What started out as a landscaping company is now an enchanting European-Style flower shop packed with unusual flowers and foliage you just can't find elsewhere. “The funkier the better,” explains Marguerite’s manager, Dora.

Ask Dora about the ingredients that make Marguerite Gardens unique and she’s sure to tell you it’s the people – from their designers who love to sing (band name: The Delphiniums), to their four-legged friends. “Our staff, customers and pups are what makes this shop amazing! We have two rescue dogs, that have become part of the team too, Stanley (aka Moose) and Sammie (aka Goat)”.

For Dora, it’s the transformative prosperities of flowers that keep her hooked. “Each arrangement we create is a living piece of art,” she explains. “We are obsessed with beautifying our lives with flowers and art”.

Floom Marguerite Gardens Chicago Studio 2
Our arrangements are all natural and eco-friendly...
Floom Marguerite Gardens Chicago Studio 3 dyes please, just organic and fun, each one has it's own and unique work of art and beauty!

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