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Founded by Kelly Marie Thompson, Fleur is a bucket flower shop turned botanical boutique, that creates beautiful floral designs, hosts workshops, and curates an expert edit of fine jewellery and hand crafted home goods. It’s safe to say that Kelly has come a long way since starting her Fleur journey in 2002, now featured in a plethora of print magazines from Town and Country, to Vogue.

Describing her style as “organic, effortless, and romantic, but with an unexpected element that’s sure to delight”, Kelly sets out to evoke the senses through her work. “Our mission is to collaboratively work with our clients and students in order to craft an experience that stirs the heart, creates a mood, and tells a story,” she explains. “With imagination and technique, we weave every petal, frond and vine into the next chapter.”

For Kelly, working with flowers is so deeply engrained in her life, she can’t imagine a day without them. “There isn't a time I can't remember being surrounded by flowers,” she explains. “My Mom filled every part of our small, Chicago bungalow backyard with blooming flowers. Peonies, roses, snapdragons, an apple tree with beautiful blossoms. I was always in our yard playing among the blooms.” Nowadays, she appreciated the slowness and moments of reflections that botanicals bring to the ever-fast pace of modern life. "The excitement of peony season is something every flower lover yearns for each year, and receiving those blooms as a gift is so special. They provide that moment for you to stop and reflect, enjoy their fragrance, their swan like petals. There is nothing I like more than offering something special like that to someone, so they too can have a moment to enjoy a little bit of nature's beauty.” In face, if Kelly was a flower she would be a peony. “They age gracefully!” We couldn’t agree more.

Floom Fleur Chicago Launch Collection 2
Plush blooms, airy curves of stems, and we search out unexpected stems...
Floom Fleur Chicago Launch Collection 3 act as accents, or as I like to refer to as the seasoning!

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