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Sunny Chu loves working with flowers. “They are fresh. They change every day, from open to wither. And they are beautiful,” Chu explains. In fact, Chu’s loved flowers for as long as he can remember. “My dad designed many zen garden and parks. He’s my inspiration.” It was because of him that Sunny got into flowers in the first place. “I grew up in my dad’s nursery, and I took a particular interest in landscape architecture when I went to school.”

Sunny Florists delivers across Boston and sources its flowers from all over the world. “Our suppliers deliver the flowers directly to our door once they get off the airplane,” says Sunny, who adds that he and his small team will happily work with customers on unique flower arrangements, whether as gifts or for events, as well as for those who want weekly bouquets.

If you want to become a “terrarium guru”, there are two-hour classes in the studio with demonstrations and hands-on help, with a huge selection of succulent, sand, rocks, pebbles, mosses and dried flowers for customers to create their own 12-inch wooden box terrariums. Other classes include tips and advice on how to make hand-tied bouquets.

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I study design aesthetics from the nature...
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...And it's my dream to work with fresh materials, especially when I can transfer the beauty to people!

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