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With picture perfect places around the world, Airbnb, the online house and flat sharing platform, allows people to take over people’s homes and experience something a little more authentic while travelling. It’s quickly grown to become one of the most popular accommodation sites in recent years – basically it’s become everyone’s go-to travel platform. Beyond nice looking spaces with well-designed furniture, however, there are also those that take it to the next level by building bespoke and just all-around unique homes in incredibly green and natural spaces. They’re much harder to find on the site mind you, but some research and proper digging will lead you to these super green, and unique homes. From geysers to forests to deserts, we’ve rounded up our five favourite green Airbnb’s on the Floom wish list.

Mushroom Dome Cabin
Aptos, California
£81 per night

This super cosy geometric dome of a loft isn’t just one of the greenest Airbnb’s, it also has the distinct honour of being the most booked home in the site’s history – no easy feat, surely. Situated not far from San Francisco this mushroom domed house is nestled amongst the Redwood forest. It’s a modest and humble retreat whose biggest attraction is its seamless integration into its iconic—and gorgeous—natural setting. The house found its success during Airbnb’s early days as a start-up, so this mushroom cabin is often cited as one of the company’s biggest rental successes. Surrounded by oak and Madrone trees and next to a Redwood grove, this house isn’t just a sure thing in terms of natural landscapes, but is a piece of Airbnb history.

Solar powered modernism in Joshua Tree
Pioneertown, California, USA
£269 per night

If SoCal is more of your thing, then this mod house in the middle of the desert is it – think being surrounded by large succulents. This futuristic retreat scores high on an aesthetic level and its green credentials aren’t lacking either. The catch with this desert dream is that it’s entirely solar powered with no modern amenities – that’s no heat, hot water, washer nor any cable or Wi-Fi. So what it lacks in modern comfort it makes it up in location for being at the heart of Joshua Tree National Park. For anyone who’s been to Joshua Tree and knows its magical atmosphere; just being there is more than enough.

Secluded in-town treehouse
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
£250 per night

Allow us to list another treehouse because this one is one of Airbnb’s most popular rentals. The ‘Secluded Inland Treehouse’ from Atlanta, Georgia is listed by its owner as the site’s #1 wished for listing and it’s no surprise. Perfectly situated in a rural patch in the city’s outskirts, the listing is comprised of three rustic cabins connected by suspended rope bridges, adorned with fairy lights – a site seemingly ripped from someone’s Pinterest board, no doubt. The cabins are mostly constructed with reclaimed materials that feature well-sourced vintage Americana furniture, original art pieces, windows from an old Masonic Temple and perfect second-hand finds, adding to the cabins’ charm. It’s not surprising, perhaps, that this secluded haven was built by a former Greenpeace executive, who wanted to bring a bit of privacy in his life but was savvy enough to capitalise on its strong Airbnb potential. A single night in the cabin will put you back $275 but a good experience is guaranteed.

Geothermal cottage up north
Laugarvartn, Iceland
£156 per night

The dramatic landscapes of Iceland are one of our steadfast favourites so an Icelandic inclusion was a must. This cottage, made of two connected pyramids and seemingly born out of the ground, features have a lot of standout features – it has geysers for neighbours, it’s built on an old lava field, geothermal water and energy keeps the house’s heat and electricity going and it’s located at the heart of the country’s formidable environment. You don’t have to travel too far from Reykjavik either, an hour drive north will bring you to Laugarvartn Lake, on Iceland’s famous Golden Circle. Not only is this house incredibly unique looking, it reflects the rustic lands it comes from and makes for an ideal summer adventure, though if you brave it in the winter you’ll have your own viewing spot of the Northern Lights.

Old school Japanese cottage
Chiba, Japan
£36 per night

If a taste of old school Japan is on your list, then this historic cottage in Chiba prefecture is one to keep tabs on. For a country that’s been redefined by its technological advancement and urbanism, an authentic piece of rural Japanese culture can be hard to come by. It sits at the heart of a large rice field with a river and waterfall a few feet away and the ocean is nearby. Built in the Taisho era, this wooden cottage comes packed with tatami mats, offering a glimpse of rural Japanese living from decades past. However, pick this Airbnb for the experience and not comfort, because sleeping in this traditional setting means three wooden bunk beds. Even with this in mind, what it lacks in luxury it makes up in authenticity and charm.

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