Plant Of The Month |Monstera

The monstera deliciosa – also known as a Swiss cheese plant – is one of today’s most popular house plants, famed for both its lush perforated green leaves and its ability to add an exotic note to any home.


Native to the tropical forests of southern Mexico, the Spanish name (costilla de Adán) refers to the transformation the leaves go through when growing from entire to fenestrated (comparing it with the ribs of Adam) whilst the moniker 'Monstera' comes from the plants ability to grow to a towering 20m tall.

Of course, we’re familiar with those of the smaller variety, that first came into fashion in the 1950s when they were used to add greenery to the Eames House – built by Ray and Charles Eames – a landmark of mid 20th century modern architecture. Meanwhile, the monstera deliciosa is a Pinterest-friendly interior favourite worldwide today.

Eames 2
Eames 1

How to care for it:

Add a monstera deliciosa to your indoor jungle to tap the interior trend with minimal effort – they’re relatively simple to care for. The best way to keep yours in tip top condition? Ensure it’s positioned in a warm spot and water every few days to keep the soil moist. For optimum results, choose a pot that has plenty of drainage holes, and give yours a fresh top dress of soil every year.

Top Floom tip:

It’s safe to say the monstera isn’t a windowsill plant with its dinner-plate size leaves. Pop yours in a spacious warm corner against a white wall to create a striking focal point in your home.