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Start the month thinking about the things you’ve neglected lately – from your poor little plants, to that pesky miscellaneous drawer that’s well overdue a new season clear out. A clear mind is a happy one. The new moon on the ninth is full of dreams and illusions – think before you speak, or act. Trust your instincts when the sun conjoins Mercury on September 20 – your heart is wiser than you think.


Libra, you’re set to walk on the wild side this month. The Mercury-Venus sextile could turn a long weekend into an adventurous, fun-filled holiday. When Venus squares Mars on the 8th an existing love interest is set to get more serious. When Venus opposes Uranus on the twelfth, don’t be too adventurous, stick to what you know, but when September 22nd arrives it’s time to have fun.


Loosen up when the new moon arrives on September 9. Enjoy the laughter around you and the joy it brings. When the sun trines Pluto on the eleventh an unexpected delay could be to your favour. Stay aware around the full moon on the September 24th – a close friend will need your support, perhaps someone overseas. Even if you can’t help directly, offer them your ears.


Sagittarius, you’re in the spotlight! The September 9 new moon shines a light on your career. Stay confident, act out of sincerity, and the pay off will come. Your social life is set to heat up with the full moon on September 24. You’re good at owning the stage, but be sure to set others at ease when in a bigger group, too. Something could get out of control during the moon-Jupiter opposition on the twenty-eighth. Rein it in and you’ll be rewarded with a fresh perspective.


When the new moon arrives on September 9th, you’ll finally be able to close the door on an issue that’s lingered for far too long. No matter how big or small, don’t hesitate to act, then enjoy the light relief it brings. Sit back and relieve yourself of career or social stress when the full moon arrives on September 24. You’ll soon slip into a happier groove. And remember, it’s possible to work too hard and get fewer results. It may be out of character, but take things easy for a while. You know you deserve it.


Who’d have thought it Aquarius, you'll be the one true grownup in the room when things heat up during the full moon on September 9th. Offer advice wisely. Venus opposes Uranus on September 12th – your love life could become a little risque, and why not! Mars squares Uranus on the eighteenth. Hold your temper when a disagreement arises, it will probably be over something unimportant that’s likely to disappear right away.


This is the month for clarity, Pisces. If you've been confused about something special, some of the mental fog should clear up at the star of the month. By the time the new moon arrives, your love life is set to shine. You might not connect with your perfect lover or partner, but you could. Or perhaps your current flame could burn brighter… If a sticky problem arrives on the 24th – think carefully, offer a helping hand, and make something impossible look easy because, for you, it is.


Aries, start the month thinking about nothing but you. It’s time to take care of yourself. With no extra thought or planning, you can eat better and be more active in a smart and sensible way. Feel good for you. Stay active in any career efforts around September 10th – position yourself better and let the opportunities come to you. Love is the answer with the full moon on the 24th. Allow someone to give you affection and let love in.


Are you looking for love Taurus? Love and passion are on the cards at the start of the month, but remember not to be rash. Things are likely to take a walk on a wilder side and your set to rise in the popularity stakes. Venus opposes Uranus on the twelfth. You don't have to explore or experiment now. You already know what you want. When the full moon arrives on September 24 take some time to fine-tune the other aspects of your life requiring attention.


Gemini, prepare to get organised around September 9th.Find a clever solution or better arrangement for a domestic matter or home situation. A clever change made around the house will have a long-lasting positive effect. The unrivalled freshness of some new plants, perhaps? Flex your intellectual muscles during the full moon on September 24 – perhaps be indulging in a new hobby.


Cancer, it’s time to let your hair down when the moon turns new on September 9th. Enjoy time spent with friends and embrace spontaneous fun. The moon conjoins Jupiter on September 13. Some people might have trouble with such an emotional day, but it could prove lucky for you. Spend time at home during the September 24 full moon – tie up the loose ends of a personal project, it will leave you feeling inspired, satisfied, and proud.


Leo, September could be your lucky month. Look for money opportunities at the new moon on September 9th. Cash may not flow in right away, but think about the long term positives of a new opportunity. Be sure to read the small print. The sun enters Libra on September 22nd. Summer may be over, but there is still a lot of fun to be had in your social sphere. When the 24th arrives, throw a house party and enjoy time spent with friends.

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